Maximum number of registered guests is 4 with a maximum of 2 adults.

Registered guest means a person on the reservation. Only registered guests are allowed in the property day and/or night. No visitors without the explicit authorization of the host (Cheryl).

Inquire if you have children 12 and under, as they are free. Ages 12-17 have an additional fee.


This is our personal condo used by family and friends.  It is not a hotel.  Most condos are privately owned and may be occupied by full-time residents and families. Please respect the privacy of neighbors and avoid excessive noise.

We ask that you take out your trash, wash your dishes, and clean up any spills and food crumbs. This helps keep our condo pest-free.


Please do not take dishes or silverware from the condo. We want all guests to have equally nice items to use. Quality hard goods are hard to find or cost more than you think. Also, the DR has an 18% sales tax. If you break or misplace dishes or silverware, please deposit RD$150 in the piggy bank for each item damaged. If anything else becomes damaged or lost, please let us know immediately so we can determine the replacement cost. Otherwise, you will be responsible for all lost or broken items found after your stay.


• Guests not on the reservation
• Drug use
• Sex tourism and those that seek it
• Parties
• Pets or Service Animals (Association rules)
• Smoking (inside condo)

To reiterate, this is not a hotel. If you feel “it is your right to do” anything that is against our house rules, this is not the place for you. Legitimate significant others must be (and should have been) registered in the the original reservation. They cannot be switched/exchanged out after your arrival.

Anyone not on the original reservation is considered an unregistered guest. We will remove unregistered guests from the premises and charge the $100 USD unregistered guest fee per person per night from the beginning of the stay until the day of removal.


• Invite visitors that cannot behave themselves
• Bring water sports equipment inside the condo. Use the balcony.
• Sit on indoor furniture while wet or place damp items on furniture.
• Leave doors and windows open while the air conditioning is running
• Hang items from the balcony railings. Use the clothes rack.
• Throw items in the toilet, including toilet paper. Use the trashcan. (This is the norm in Cabarete. Dominican Republic is a developing country.)